Paul Siluch - Author Bio


Paul Siluch, Author

Paul Siluch is a portfolio manager residing in Victoria, BC Canada. He has written science fiction on and off for 30 years, but got serious when he joined the Minnows Literary Group, a collection of writers who met through the Gotham Writer's Workshop. He has had several short stories published and two stories which received Honourable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest.

He has written a bi-weekly financial newsletter for 23 years.

I live with my wife in Central Saanich, BC, on a 2-acre farm. The land is at sea level, which means it is underwater for half the year, making the growing season short. It is a hobby farm, in other words. A labour of love rather than a profitable endeavour. It does allow for extensive tractoring which, for those who have never tried it, is extremely therapeutic. 

I have a degree in software/electrical engineering, but thanks to the miserable economy of 1982-1985, found myself in the financial industry. Many of my stories explore artificial intelligence and the role of new technologies in society, proving you can leave engineering, but it never really leaves you. I also enjoy future financial themes, given that money has been with us for a very long time and is likely to continue in one way, shape, or form in the future.